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Back terrace, Tacoronte – Tenerife

Garden – private terrace at the back of the house located on the ground floor of a building in Tacoronte, Tenerife. The property, a young couple, contacted us to improve the appearance of their patio where they lived with three dogs and would soon do so with a baby. They wanted to house a pond for turtles, have a shed that would serve as a storage room and, if possible, also install a garden shower.

The solution was to make a custom-made shed to make better use of the available space, leaning on two of the walls of the terrace. To visually enlarge the space, we decided to create three different heights. An outdoor dining area was also located near the house and the turtle pond that was raised from the ground and protected with laminates to minimize possible “assault” by the dogs. The high walls that frame the garden were plastered as they have a lot of presence.

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