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Slope on Ángel Romero Avenue, Tenerife

​In mid-2018, Urbaser commissioned us with a project to improve a landscaped slope located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. At that time, there were plantations of two species of Lavender, Ivy and an area dedicated to seasonal plants.

The soil was rocky with an apparently shallow substrate depth, so it was proposed to improve the substrate with organic matter before planting.

Weeds were a problem on the slope, so a high density of planting new species was proposed. The budget did not allow for a degradable organic blanket.

The design had to meet the following objectives:

  • Achieve a “wildflower meadow” look.
  • Tall planting at the upper limit facing the pedestrian to reduce the possibility of dogs onto the slope.
  • Minimize soil losses due to runoff.

To facilitate the new irrigation installation and substrate improvements, the removal of the existing Lavender clumps was proposed. To increase sustainability, the area dedicated to seasonal flowers was eliminated.

The criteria for species selection were:

  • Low water and maintenance needs.
  • Use of endemic plants.
  • Create year-round interest.

Execution and maintenance carried out by Urbaser (municipal maintenance service for parks and gardens).

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